Nike SB Berlin Open Recap

Nike SB Berlin Open Recap

The final of the Nike SB European Series exceeded all expectations in the level of skateboarding and
atmosphere today during the Berlin Open at the Nike SB Shelter skatepark.

Urged on by an eager crowd all 40 riders who came through from yesterday’s qualification shifted up a gear
in a bid to take a slice of the €20,000 prize purse.

Brazillian Carlos Ribeiro was incredible and a candidate for trick of the day with a switch kick-flip back tail
down the hubba. Keven Backel the winner of Barcelona AM is amazing to watch and stormed the park with
his classic do or die attitude – wallrides, big footplants and a 540 out of the quarter into the oversized
Aurelien Giraud was the top placed qualifier from semis and kept up the level right through to finals turning
the judges heads every tick on the way. Consistent, technical, solid execution and the support of a strong
French crew, Giraud was on a mission, highlighted by an insane kickflip from the vert ramp platform into the
park (a drop of about 3.5M) to tre-flip down the 7 in a line, pulled first try and only equalled by a hard flip
down the same drop with a broken board….

Giraud takes home €6,000 for 1st place and a ticket to next week’s CPH Pro in Copenhagen, Denmark


1st Aurelien Giraud
2nd Kevin Baekkel
3rd Carlos Ribeiro
4th Richard Tury
5th Maxim Habanec
6th Douwe Macare
7th Justin Sommer
8th Alex Mizurov
9th Oskar Hallberg
10th Roder Silva


The last event to close the European Series brought technical mayhem in abundance in the shape of the
best trick comp that took place down the hubba. €1500 in prize money always ups the ante and today was
no exception.

1st Neverton Casella – Nollie heel back nose blunt.
2nd Carlos Ribeiro – switch flip back smith.
3rd Yuri Facchini – Hard flip back nose grind.